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School Discipline

It is widely accepted that to facilitate the harmonious organisation and running of any group, discipline and control are essential.  Applying this belief to the school situation, certain rules and regulations will be necessary to ensure a code of conduct is enforced throughout the school.  These rules will be kept to a minimum, but children will be expected to adhere to them.  Children will be familiarised with rules and with the consequences, which will ensue if they are broken.

The class teacher is responsible for ensuring that the rules are obeyed.  He-she will also deal with any day-to-day problems, which may arise in the classroom or yard.

A system of control will be enforced to deal with any serious breach of rules.  Parents will be kept in touch of the situation through discussion with the class teacher, and, should it be warranted, by letter.

Neatness & Tidiness

Children are encouraged and requested to be neat and tidy in their presentation both of themselves and their schoolwork. Good habits, attained from and early age will stay with them on their journey through life. Bad habits are much harder to shake-off.

Schools are first and foremost places of learning. Children need to concentrate, and whatever reduces distractions is to be recommended. The following will help pupils focus on the job in hand, and minimise work disruption, and, in general, cause
less hassle for everyone:

  • Ensure books, folders; pencil-cases etc. are packed and ready for school.
  • Keep a spare pencil to hand. It would help to have pencils sharpened at home and ready for use.
  • Encourage children to do homework in a neat fashion, working in the one area to reduce the chances of books being mislaid.
  • Discourage the use of rubbers except when absolutely necessary.
  • Minimum amount of jewellery (watch, studs and one ring) to discourage fidgeting.
  • Use folders to retain sheets. If necessary, label plastics to help pupils identify the relevant sections.


You will appreciate how important it is that your child is able to cope in school and concentrate on schoolwork. Our experience shows that late to bed and too much television or computer games has an adverse effect on the child, and they will suffer as a result. We ask you to ensure that your child goes to bed at a reasonable hour, and that some control over television time is exercised.

Mobile Phones

For the protection of all, mobile phone are NOT permitted in school.