Tullydonnell, Togher, Co Louth

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Attending School


The parents of those children who will have reached the age of 4 by September 30th, will be invited to the school in the second term to register their children.  Birth Certificates will be required.

School Hours

School begins officially at 9.05 am, and finishes at 2.45 pm.  It would be appreciated if all the children could be in school by 9.00 am.  It should be pointed out that our School Insurance does not cover any child on the premises before or after the official opening/closing times.

Friday Closing     At this moment in time, Friday closings are different to the rest of the week.  The reason for this change is bus-related.

School begins at 9.00am on Fridays.  Infants go home at 1.35pm with the remainder of the school pupils finishing at 2.35pm.

Access to Our School

Access to our school after 9.10 is through Reception only and you must wait and make contact with a member of staff. This avoids interruption of your child's class. In the interest of your child's safety and security we ask you never try to enter the school by asking a pupil to open one of the exit doors for you. They are strictly forbidden to do so and asking them only compromises everyone's safety and security.

Children must be collected by an adult and will not be released into the care of a juvenile. Any change in who collects your child must be communicated to the school.

Punctuality and Attendance

Junior Infants and Senior Infants: 9.05am to 1.45pm

1st Class to 6th Class: 9.05am to 2.45pm

Morning Break at 11.00
Lunch Break at 12.30

Our children are expected to be punctual and to attend school every day. Good regular attendance is crucial to your child's progress.

You should not leave your child early to school as they remain your responsibility until the school bell rings. Supervision will be provided on the yard from 8.55am

We ask that you are on time in collecting your child daily.  An infants’ class is a busy, interactive and hands on environment and your child’s teacher has to tidy today’s lessons and prepare for tomorrows. There is no facility or staff to babysit children not collected on time.

Lining up

All classes line up at their class marker in the yard when the morning bell rings. Children are asked to line up as they arrive and not to push their way in among those waiting. Lining up is encouraged in the interest of safety and discipline.