Tullydonnell, Togher, Co Louth

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School-Holidays / Closures

It is the practice of this school to always give prior notice of closures. This will be in the form of a written note . Parents of infants are advised to search their child's schoolbags on a regular basis to ensure notices are received. Infants will be encouraged to put notes in lunch boxes while all other classes bring home notes in homework journals. Parents should ask their children, from time to time, if they have any notices to hand up.

Emergency Closures

The safety of your child is paramount at all times so should a situation occur that requires the closure of our school e.g. electricity, heating, water etc. then if known in advance a note will issue. If it is an emergency then notice will be provided at the gate so please do not leave your child if you are not satisfied that school is open. We also use the Text-a-Parent facility for keeping parents updated.


Under current legislation, schools are required to inform the National Educational Welfare Board of any child who reaches 20 days absence in any school year. 

All absences must be recorded along with the reason for same.  Henceforth, the school will require a written explanation (absence notes provided at the back of school journal) as to why a child was absent. 

The Education Welfare Act of 2002 makes clear that schools cannot approve of pupils being withdrawn from school for holidays and for non- medical absences during the school year.Pupils who are constantly late must be reported to the NEWB (National Educational Welfare Board.)

When arranging holidays, parents should make every effort to ensure no disruption of the school year.  Taking children on holidays during the academic year is proven to be harmful to a child’s education.