Tullydonnell, Togher, Co Louth

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Our School Rules

Your school community of teachers and parents expect:

  1. That you come to school every day and arrive on time. This means:

    • That you attend school everyday unless it is absolutely unavoidable; - That if you miss school you bring in a note or a Doctor’s Certificate;- That if you must leave school during the day, you get permission;
    • That if you are unavoidably late, you bring in a note;

    • That if you are unavoidably late, you bring in a note; - That you arrive at all classes on time and not delay.


    • Time missed is hard to make up; - The school is entitled to an explanation’
    • The school is responsible for you during the day;
    • Out of courtesy
    • It wastes your time, the teachers’ time and class time.
  2. That you do your best to work both in class and at your homework. This means:

    • That you listen to the teachers;
    • That you don’t disturb the class;
    • That you do your homework each night, written and oral;
    • That you always carry your journal and take down your homework in it; - That you get it signed by your parents.


    • The teacher is only trying to help you;
    • It is unfair to other who wishes to learn;
    • It is a back-up to the work done in class;
    • It helps you remember what you have to do;
    • It lets your parents see how you are getting on.
  3. That you come in properly prepared for your subjects. This means:

    • That you have the proper pens, books and copies; - That you carry them in a schoolbag;
    • That you bring any special equipment needed.


    - It only wastes time if you haven’t got them; - It prevents loss and keeps books from becoming tattered; - It is impossible to do the subject without them.

  4. That you come to school in uniform, clean and tidy. This means:

    - That you don’t drag in mud or dirt;

    • That you wear suitable clothing in changeable weather.


    • It prevents dirtying the school;
    • It means not sitting in wet or missing class.
  5. That you have respect and consideration for other students. This means:

    • Being helpful and treating others with good manners and respect; - Not picking-on or bullying others;
    • Not fighting; - That you don’t push and shove your way around;

    • That you respect their property.

    That you respect the instructions of your teachers. This means:

    • That you are courteous and respectful to them;
    • That it applies especially when accompanied by teachers outside the school.


    • Everyone is entitled to this;
    • It makes the outing more enjoyable for all.
  6. That you act in a proper manner around the school. This means:

    • Walking in an orderly way between rooms along the routes specified; - Waiting quietly in line before entering classrooms;
    • Taking your break in the manner and area specified;
    • Taking your bag and coat home.


    • It is unhealthy and dangerous;
    • It avoids confusion and accident;
    • It is safer and helps with supervision; - You won’t lose them.
  7. That you are tidy and careful with school property. This means:

    - That you don’t break, damage or deface school property;

    • When using equipment or books, returning them tidily after class; - Taking pride in the appearance of the school and avoiding litter.


    • Others have to use it and it is expensive; - To facilitate other users;
    • No one like messy surroundings.

Thank you for keeping our school rules. Your teachers, fellow pupils and parents all appreciate your efforts.

Mrs Anne-Marie Ford