Tullydonnell, Togher, Co Louth

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Home-Work Policy

The school has a Homework Policy which states that:

  • A child will not get homework which is beyond their ability
  • The work given on any particular night can be completed within a period of one hour by the older children and in much less time by the younger children. 
  • No homework is given at the weekends or when going on extended break.
  • No homework on special occasions or when the teacher wishes to give a special treat.
  • Homework journals are used and should be signed by either parent/guardian when the work has been checked.
  • In the event of a child coming to school without completed homework, a note will be required. It should be noted that no excuse will be accepted without an accompanying note.
  • If a child is having extreme difficulty with homework, it should be brought to the attention of the teacher, who will endeavour to resolve the matter.

A copy of Home-Work Policy may be had on request.

The following are general guidelines only: 

  • Junior & Senior Infants 10-20 mins
  • First & Second Class 20-30 mins
  • Third & Fourth Class 30-60 mins
  • Fifth & Sixth Class 60-90 mins