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Tullydonnell Sports Day Monday 22nd June

Tullydonnell’s Family Sports Day

Monday 22nd June 2020

Unfortunately, this year we cannot have our Sports Day in school together but never a community to let an international pandemic get in the way of us having a bit of fun we thought it would be fun for families to hold a Sports Day at home.

These are a few games that you could play (feel free to add or swap in games of your own).

  • 3 legged race- you will need scarves and start and end markers.


  • Water bomb-you will need water balloons. How to play: Fill up 5-10 water balloons. Stand in a circle and throw the balloon to each other without the water balloon bursting. You can either use the rules of DONKEY or simply see how many throws your family can get before the balloon bursts and try to beat the record every time.


  • 3 goals and in- you will need a football and goals, you can use jumpers as the posts. Also it is a good idea to mark out the boundaries of the pitch. How to play: One person is the goalie and two or more players go against each other to try score 3 goals. When one person scores 3 goals they swap into the nets.


  • Egg and Spoon race-you will need an egg or potato and a spoon each, start and end position.


  • An obstacle course- you will need whatever you have lying around the garden such as ladders, tyres, things to jump over or roll under. Allow your children to design and add onto the obstacle course and just challenging and pushing the limits.
  • The Grass is Lava- you will need 1 plank of wood, 2
  • plastic/paper plates, 1 old cushion and one other object that 2 people can fit on, a start and end point. How to play: Children will remember this game from last year’s sports day. The objective of the game is to get from start to end without touching the grass. All equipment starts off with the team at the start and they move through the space using the equipment by placing it on the ground to step on. If a team member steps on the grass they have to go back to the start without any equipment. This challenge is about team work, communication, problem solving and strategy.


    We would love to see what your family gets up to on the day and to put your photos on the Active Schools page for all to see. The email is Enable JavaScript to view protected content.